Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living

Starting out on a journey…

It’s happening. I have decided to do the Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living program.


Thanks to my college friend, Samantha Gossard Dykstra (who also happens to be a wonderful professional opera singer… look her up!), I am about to become a much healthier version of me! I went to the doctor for a general physical, and all of my blood work came back normal except for my blood sugar (slightly high but nothing too high). This was discouraging because I was hoping for an explanation as to why I was having so much trouble losing weight, and I’ve been feeling super fatigued lately. If my numbers are normal, what else could the problem be?


Here’s why I decided to give this program a try:

  1. I want to have more sustainable energy.
  2. I want to lose weight in a healthy way.
  3. I want to get rid of cravings for foods I shouldn’t be eating.
  4. I want to reduce bloating, gas, and indigestion caused by eating genetically modified foods.
  5. I want to learn new healthy habits that I can take with me once this challenge is over.
  6. These products are certified vegan and organic. (I’m a meat-eater, but for the purposed of this program this fact is a huge plus!)
  7. I did my research on this program and discussed it with my mom (a nurse of 30+ years) before deciding to spend the money.
  8. This program truly is backed by scientific research from qualified professionals.

This blog will be the story of my journey to a healthier me. Many posts will be related to this 30 day program, but sometimes I will treat you to a random personal post. If you have any questions about my progress or how the program works, let me know! If I don’t have the answer I will send you to someone who does.

I can’t do this without your support and encouragement! Follow this blog so that you never miss a post!


*Neither this blog post or this blog are sponsored in any way by Arbonne. I’m just a big fan.


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