Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living, General health

It’s official.

I had my follow-up doctor appointment this morning. ALL blood work is normal! Which is good, right? But it’s still a little disappointing because it’s one more unanswered question. If all of the lab work and physical exams say I should be healthy, why don’t I feel or look healthy??

Conclusion: It has to be my diet. I’m so excited to start the Arbonne program (which starts Monday August 7… I realized I never put that in my intro post). I can’t wait to feel better and more like myself again!

I am also dealing with fairly severe carpal tunnel syndrome, which is really awful for someone who plays piano for a living! I have an appointment scheduled for September 11 to see a plastic surgeon who specializes in hands/wrists and is the BEST carpal tunnel surgeon in the region. It doesn’t make me less nervous, but I know I will be in good hands. I will update more when I have more information about surgery dates and what not.

I’m going to go enjoy one last ice cream sundae before starting 30 days of clean eating!

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