Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living, General health

Last Hoorah!

I know, I know… starting a new healthy eating program on Monday does NOT mean I should go all out in the days leading up to then and eat whatever I want. BUT I am enjoying my last trip to the local ice cream joint AND having an unhealthy snack with my movie tonight 🙂

I’m honestly excited for Monday to get here! I will be out of town Monday morning, so I’m already thinking ahead and packing a shaker cup with my protein mix ready to go (just add water!). AND since I’ll be in Cincinnati, I will be able to stop at Jungle Jim’s on my way home and pick up all sorts of organic goodies and international treats that I can’t find up in northern Ohio that are 100% okay to eat while on the Arbonne program! Yay!

I weighed myself and took my measurements today (since I can’t tomorrow or Monday). To say that I am disappointed in myself is an understatement. The only positive thing I can say is at least my weight has been consistently the same for the past year (or 2). But that number is a number I never want to see again after Monday. And I won’t! I have a great support system here. I have told all of my friends, and I can trust them to hold me accountable. My family is aware, and my mom and sister are all for letting me cook dinner for all of us every night so that I can follow my meal plan AND they can eat healthy too. The next step is to find an exercise routine that I actually don’t hate… but one step at a time. I’m sure that as I start feeling better and more energetic, the thought of working out won’t seem so daunting. If you have any recommendations for someone who is basically an unexperienced couch potato with a bad knee and no budget for memberships or equipment, let me know!

Monday is coming…

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