Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living, General health

Almost at an end

My journey on this 30 Days to Healthy Living is almost over! I have learned so much about myself during this month. I “cheated” today and had a bite of a birthday cupcake (your second niece only turns 3 once!) and it was so sweet it gave me a headache and I couldn’t take a second bite. I found myself craving an apple or some cucumber and hummus! This is a total 180 from my life before.

My next post will include before/after pics and measurements. But for now I can say that I FEEL better. I have had zero migraines. I have not had any heartburn or indigestion. I actually fall asleep when I go to bed and feel more rested when I wake up.

I will be continuing the protein shakes for breakfast simply because they taste good AND are a healthy and quick option! Eating breakfast has always been a struggle for me. I never used to wake up with enough time to get ready on time, let alone eat breakfast. Because I plan to continue with the protein shakes, I am considering becoming an Arbonne Independent Consultant so that I can purchase my own powder and other supplies as needed, and have the ability to sell to others as well.

Stay tuned for a final update on THIS detox. But I will continue to update because the health journey doesn’t end here!

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