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It’s been a little over a week…

My detox ended a little over a week ago, and it has been a rollercoaster trying to figure out what foods I can still eat. It didn’t help that less than 2 days after finishing the detox, it was time for the annual Popcorn Festival here in town! I enjoyed a LITTLE bit of fair food (honestly!) and tried to make healthy choices for the most part (grilled chicken skewer, but then half of a funnel cake :p). I am quickly finding out which foods I can still digest. I had a sloppy joe sandwich at my niece’s birthday party, and that gave me SUCH a headache… I decided the next day to try a bun without the meat to see if it was the gluten or the red meat… it was the red meat. So no more red meat for me (at least not for a while). I also discovered that chocolate gives me a headache as well, which is really depressing because I have always loved chocolate. But now that I know what feeling healthy and feeling GOOD really is, eating bad food is really not worth it. I have successfully maintained my post-detox weight, but I’m hoping that once I figure out all of the foods that are safe (and now that all festivals are over!) I will be back on the losing-weight kick. I am determined to get healthier, and for me that means losing some weight since I carry my excess weight around the middle (the most dangerous place for it to be!). I do want to point out that I am in NO WAY saying that everyone needs to lose weight to be healthy and happy, and everyone deserves to be loved just the way they are now. But for me personally, to be at a place where I feel healthy means getting in shape and eating a healthy diet (while treating myself once in a while). I would love to hear about your health journey!

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